Darlene Gustin BSc ND    

Darlene Gustin was born and raised in Oakville, where she now lives and practises as a naturopathic doctor.  She founded the Bronte Natural Health   Clinic in 1991 and has been a highly respected member of her local medical community. Her excellence in integrated naturopathic health care quickly lead to the success of Bronte Natural Health Clinic which is largely based on word of mouth referrals.

Darlene received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, and immediately followed with four years of full-time studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She has been the recipient of various academic awards and was co-valedictorian of her graduating class of naturopathic doctors in 1991. Darlene continues to be an avid participant in continuing education for naturopaths and has many certificates in women’s health, oncology, nutrition, and therapeutic lifestyle.

Health education is a passion for Darlene and she has been a frequent and popular speaker and health instructor. She hosted Lunchtime Live TV show for four years, providing a live call-in opportunity for her community and she has frequently appeared as a guest on local media.  Her teaching experience includes mentoring naturopathic students and interns as well as providing lectures and courses at community colleges, local business events and health fairs.



Mary Galic BA ND    

Mary Galic is a Naturopathic Doctor whose work supports the wellbeing of the   whole person. Mary graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic   Medicine (www.ccnm.edu), in 2002 and is a member of the Canadian Association  of Naturopathic Doctors (www.CAND.ca) and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, (www.oand.org).  She is board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and has specialist training in Homeopathy, (DHANP candidate), Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy and Bowen Therapy. 

Mary brings to Bronte Natural Health Clinic a lifelong passion for natural healing and a commitment to professional, patient-centered care.  She maintains an active practice in Etobicoke at the Mind and Body Integrated Medicine Clinic (www.integratedmedicine.ca). Mary uses the full spectrum of naturopathic care to treat all aspects of family health concerns, from prenatal to geriatric. Her wholistic approach enables her to successfully treat a wide variety of chronic and acute health concerns. 

My goal as a Naturopathic Doctor is to understand you and all the factors that impact on your health in order to remove the roots of illness and guide you to a state of improved health. 


Nina Omerovic BSc MSc, Nutritionist    

Nina Omerovic is a highly qualified leader in the field of nutrition, holding both her Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated with two Dean’s Awards for the highest academic standing in her class and for her scientific research.

She uses patient evaluation and diet analysis to create customized programs for lifestyle modification. She specializes in healthy weight management and diabetes.

Nina is passionate about therapeutic nutrition and applying her experience and knowledge to support patients with nutrition based lifestyle therapies.

Bronte Natural Health Clinic is proud to include Nina as a valued and integral part of our team. 

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Professional Services Provider of the Year

Mr. John Sawyer, president of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Darlene Gustin ND, Professional Services Provider of the Year, and Mr. Frank Vismeg, managing director of Hilton Hotels at the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence on March 27, 2014.